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We wanted to express our satisfaction In regards to the hot tub and tiki bar that we purchased
from “The Place.” We bought both items at the Home and Flower show in January 2003.  The sales consultant from “The Place” was courteous and helpful during the purchasing process.  It was a no-pressure sale.  Both items compliment our swimming pool and make our backyard even a nicer place than we could have imagined.  Our friends that come over are very complimentary of our layout, especially the tiki bar.  It is a very unique addition to have in one’s backyard.  We use our hot tub mainly for enjoyment, but there are occasions after my sons’ football practices, they use the hot tub to help with sore muscles.  After we made our purchases we attended a free class at “The Place” to learn how to treat and maintain a hot tub.  That class was very helpful to us and we learned a lot. I have had few questions after the purchase as well, and operations people at “The Place” were very helpful.  In closing, we would recommend that anyone who is considering purchasing a hot tub or tiki bar, definitely make “The Place” their choice for that purchase.

The McDonough Family

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