“just a note to express my appreciation of our Coast Spa”

This is just a note to express my appreciation of our Coast Spa. I have had chronic back pain for many years, to a point where my husband and I were referred to a back specialist in Vancouver.

The surgeon examined my spinal x-rays and explained that there was little that could be done to ease my discomfort, short of a prolonged and complicated operation. However, the doctor felt that I could expect some relief if I could spend some time in a Jacuzzi tub, or more preferably, a spa.

With this knowledge in hand, we began shopping for a spa of our own and shortly thereafter, found ourselves in your showroom.

The Coast Spa unit we purchased has provided me with the pain relief that I was seeking. Hopefully, my back surgery will be postponed for many years to come. Once again, that you for your excellent service and pass along my thoughts to the manufacturer of these fine spas.

–          Barb N, Nanaimo

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