“We Love It!”

Thank-you for all your professional assistance from selecting the right spa for our needs, down to fine tuning the small details for the deck, and the continuous knowledgeable service of the staff.  We love it!

John & Bonnie Cox

“Had my Coast Spa for almost 5 years and love it”

I have had my “Coast Spa” for almost 5 years and I love it.  After a long day of work there is nothing like a relaxing soak in my spa.  Each time I use my spa it really helps me sleep much better.  I use it Winter, Summer, Fall and Spring.  Thanks to “Coast Spas” and the “Place” where everyone is so helpful.

Dan Avondet

One Year Shopping…We Purchased a Coast Spa

Chris and I have spent the past year shopping for the perfect spa.
Finally after many trips to various stores and speaking to numerous sales people and current spa owners, we agreed to purchase a Coast Spas from “The Place” Our referral to “The Place” proved to be very worthwhile! We really appreciated Andrew’s expertise and insight into many aspects of the Spas. In addition, we were grateful for the opportunity to wet test our spa.
Thanks so much for a very pleasant experience.
Chris & Robin Marshall.

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