Great Customer Service

I love my hot tub, it heats quickly, filters great is affordable to operate.  My heater went but the service was excellent, I got great customer service on the phone and a quick appointment to fix.

In the sales process the explained everything and were thorough.  I feel a great piece of mind in knowing that any problem that would occur “The Place” will take care of it.

High Quality Product and Service

We have owned two hot tubs previously at our other residences, our third hot tub was a “Coast Spa” from “The Place” our two primary reasons from “The Place” first quality of the product and secondly service. “The Place” made sure we had our spa up and running to our satisfaction, returned e-mails promptly, took our phone calls right away and a very educational spa class to teach how to maintain our spa. We are very pleased with the quality of our spa and the service. Great friendly people!

Ken & Sherri

“we wouldn’t trade this for anything else-It is worth every penny we spent”

We’ve had our Hot Tub for a little more than a year now and we use more than we expected we would.
No matter what the weather we enjoy using our spa, sitting in while It’s snowing or raining is wonderful, and surprisingly we don’t feel the cold temperatures once we get in it.

At the end of a hard day or just a stressful day at work there is nothing as relaxing as 30-45 minutes In a Hot Tub we wouldn’t trade this for anything else-It is worth every penny we spent.

Judi & Joe

“best thing we’ve ever purchased”

It’s been 3 years since we purchased our spa we use it on an average of 2-3 times a week it’s been the best thing we’ve ever purchased.  We are very happy with the service & support you’ve given us.  We will definitely purchase from “The Place” again.

Al & Jay

“It’s so nice to come home from work and get in the (Coast) Spa – It’s so relaxing. We just love it”

Pam and I are up to the IX country again this year and are having a good time.  We saw your display and thought we would stop by and say hi, so hi-We also would like to tell you how much we enjoy our Spa and Gazebo. It’s so nice to come home from work and get in the spa-It’s so relaxing.  We just love it!

Also we want to thank-you for all the help you have given us on how to take care of our spa.  Thank-you again,

Harvey & Pamela Bachtel

After sales support…we keep you happy

I recently wrote to you about being unhappy with my sound system in my new spa.  You contacted the dealer and they contacted me.
I was very surprised with their willingness to help me fix the problem and make me happy! !
In today’s world that is very hard to find.  I am very thankful to you and “The Place” you have made my family and I feel much better about our big decision on purchasing a spa.

Thank-you again,

Christe Spalding

Real Customers. Real Reviews.